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KM Jewelers

Rachel & AJ

Their Love Story & Custom Rings

Rachel and AJ are married and still honeymooning, loving every day what KM Jewelers created for them.

rachel and aj wedding
rachel and aj wedding

Rachel was wearing florals when she and AJ fell in love, and they celebrated their life together with flowers. Opals were AJ’s first thought for a wedding ring, and KM Jewelers offered their experience, helping AJ to buy a ring set with a floral theme, including petals of white gold and diamonds. AJ visited other jewelry stores with Rachel’s loved ones, found something striking, and they unanimously chose KM Jewelers to build it into something stunning, for less than the price of the original.

rachel and aj wedding

KM Jewelers welcomed AJ and later Rachel and AJ, into their store each time by name, and each time with expertise and excitement for a new celebration to prepare for.

On Rachel and AJ’s wedding day, AJ gifted Rachel an opal necklace surrounded by diamonds on a white gold chain, as well as an October opal rose. Diamonds and opals will find their way to their home for decades to come, and there is no other home for jewelry in Rachel and AJ’s lives than KM Jewelers.